14 Home Remedies to treat sugar

The biggest medicine to treat sugar is present in the kitchen of your home. The cheapest and most effective medicine for the Ayurvedic treatment of sugar is “fenugreek seeds and aloe vera juice”, if you use both of these for three months properly, then sugar disease will be eliminated from the root.

See, sugar is not a very dangerous disease, but serious diseases caused by it are very dangerous. Sugar increases the amount of glucose in the blood and a person may have fatal diseases such as brain haemorrhage, kidney failure, blindness, heart attack, joint pain, liver failure.

Know why it becomes sugar?

As we continue to grow, so are our lifestyle changes. Earlier people used to do minor tasks with their hands also, they used to go on foot to visit each other, but now there are so many luxuries that we do not need to do anything, that is, physical labor is completely over.

People used to grow food in the fields before, but now we eat pizzas, burgers and cold drinks all day long. In the era of mobile and internet, everyone sleeps late at night.

This is a deteriorating lifestyle, this is the biggest root of sugar. Due to irregularity in food people are becoming obese and scientists say that obesity and sugar have a deep relation, that means, as obesity increases, the chances of getting sugar will also increase.

Eating nutritious things does not give nutrients to the body, but the damage is very much and if a person becomes sugar, then his children also have the possibility of becoming sugar because it is a genetic disease.

This is how to treat sugar

Here we have described a good home remedy to eliminate sugar from the root. We tell you that method –

  • Fenugreek seeds Fenugreek will also be available in your kitchen and you can buy fenugreek seeds from the market as well. Methi seeds should be put in a glass of water before going to bed at night. Drink this water on an empty stomach in the morning and chew fenugreek seeds from above. That’s all you have to do for three consecutive months. The sugar report will be completely normal.
    Those whose sugar is always increasing, they should consume it for at least 6 months. This is the cheapest medicine made of sugar. The most important thing is that fenugreek has no side effects.
  • Aloe vera juice You will already be aware of the miraculous qualities of aloe vera. Take aloe vera and peel it from above, now drink the juice of the transparent gels that comes out from inside it or you can eat it. It is better if you consume it on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Aloe vera and turmeric mixture Peel the aloe vera and place it in a bowl. Now mix half a teaspoon of turmeric in this bowl and make a paste of aloe vera and turmeric with a spoon. Now consume this mixture and make sure that turmeric is not added in large amount otherwise it can also cause harm.
  • Fenugreek seeds and triphala powder Make the powder of fenugreek seeds and add equal quantity of Triphala powder to it. Put one spoon of fenugreek powder and one spoon of Triphala powder in a glass of water before going to bed. Now wake up in the morning and drink this water and note that the water is not filtered. Drink water with powder. Sugar will be completely cured in three months.
  • Bitter gourd juice Bitter gourd is the best vegetable for those with sugar. Drink bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach in the morning and if the juice is too bitter, then add some water to it. If desired, drink aloe vera juice in bitter gourd juice and have its miraculous benefits.
  • Berries kernels People suffering from sugar should eat plenty of berries, this is the best fruit for them. Eat berries and dry their kernels in the sun and grind them to make powder. Wake up in the morning on an empty stomach and consume this powder with warm water.
  • Basil leaves Basil leaves have anti-oxidant properties. Apart from this, basil leaves provide strength to fight many diseases. If you get up in the morning to chew three to four basil leaves on an empty stomach, then sugar remains completely under control.
  • Drink green tea The elements in green tea absorb excess fat from the body and control sugar. By drinking green tea twice daily, sugar becomes normal in the body and increasing weight is also under control.
  • Tides are divine medicine Do you know what the tides are called? When the seeds of wheat begin to sprout and small leaves start coming out from them, these leaves are called sorghum. Jowar is the divine medicine of sugar. Put a small amount of soil in a clay pot at home and now sow seeds in some wheat in this pot. When these seeds start sprouting and leaves start coming out of them, cut these leaves and remember that the leaves do not get uprooted, now consume these leaves and now after a few days when the leaves start coming again, consume them again. It is called tides.
  • Neem leaves Neem leaves are helpful in building insulin in the body and do not allow diabetes to grow. Chewing fresh neem leaves on an empty stomach every day is beneficial in sugar, and if you want, extract the juice of neem leaves and drink one to two teaspoons of juice daily.
  • Eat high fiber stuff The best way to cure sugar is to eat less fat and eat high fiber. Moong dal has the highest fiber, in addition to all other pulses, fiber has the least fiber in urad dal. Jowar has the most fiber in cereals, so eat jowar bread. There is also fiber in gram, people who eat wheat bread should eat gram flour mixed with wheat flour.
  • Go for a walk in the morning Those who go for a walk in the morning, their sugar stays in the control without any medicines. Walking half an hour in the morning controls the level of glucose in the blood. Those who are young should run in the morning and those who cannot run, then try to walk a little faster.
  • Do Kapalabhati The best yoga for healing sugar is “Kapalbhati”, do Kapalbhati for 15 minutes daily. Those who say that their sugar is always very high, their sugar will also become normal. You can also watch the video of Baba Ramdev’s explained way to do Kapalbhati, on his YouTube.
  • Relieve stress As soon as the brain gets stressed, the beta cells of the pancreas start dying, which reduces the amount of insulin and increases the sugar. So stay relaxed, always be happy.

Conclusion of treatment for diabetes
Those people who have sugar should use these methods mentioned above daily and those who do not have sugar should also become aware and change their lifestyle immediately so that there is no possibility of sugar. |