Unbelievable secrets of Akshay Kumar’s fitness and healthy Physique! 

Unbelievable secrets of Akshay Kumar’s fitness

The 53 years old dashing guy is known as the fittest Khiladi of Bollywood. Since the time he began his career in 1987, he has won many hearts with his superb movies like “toilet-Ek Prem Katha, Kesari, Baby, and many more. With so many blockbuster hits, Akshay has achieved many awards, including Padma Shri and national film awards. 

But there is one thing for which this superbly talented actor has been appreciated all the time by the whole Bollywood and his fans, that is his dedication and fitness. His disciplined lifestyle has set an example in the world that one doesn’t need to hit the gym every day and follow a strict workout routine to stay fit. The natural ways are still better than struggling in the gym. But this doesn’t mean the Khiladi Kumar doesn’t believe in a gym workout. Like all the other actors and celebrities, he does workouts. But mostly, he relies on yoga, swimming, martial art practice, running, jogging, kick-boxing practice, and playing different sports to stay fit and healthy. 

The legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan had stated in an interview when he was asked that if one thing you want to steal from Akshay, then what would it be? The legendary Amitabh Bachchan has answered that he will steal his fitness secrets. Not only the Amitabh curiously wants to know the secrets, everyone does. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place. As here, we are going to reveal the fitness secrets of Akshay Kumar. 

Prefer Natural Ways to Stay Fit

According to Akshay, there is no shortcut of fitness, as he won’t believe in protein shakes or powders to build up muscles. Doing workouts in the gym only can enhance your strength and stamina. If you follow him on Instagram or Twitter, you may see his videos of doing kick-boxing, yoga, swimming, and martial arts training. Even on his last birthday, he has posted a shirtless picture of his fittest body and captions it “Be a product of Mother instead of becoming a product of a product #antisuppliments. 

He often says that he is above 50 and father of two young children, but still, he is fit, and this is only because of his strict discipline. 

Do not smoke or drink

Akshay didn’t encourage the tradition of smoking and drinking, which is a significant part of B-town parties. According to Akshay or different health gurus, if you smoke or drink, then you can’t gain the stamina of working throughout the day. The whole Bollywood knows that Akshay’s office has a strictly no-smoking zone. 

Home-cooked food

According to his colleagues, Akshay Kumar always used to bring his lunch box on film sets, which involved healthy home-cooked foods. As we said many times that Akshay believes in staying fit through natural ways. That’s why his lunch box consumes rotis, rice, salad, boiled veggies, or daal, and sometimes he used to have boiled chicken. Apart from this, Akshay holds an excellent habit of not eating after 7 PM. According to him, the stomach also needs rest, as it requires four to five hours to digest the meals. Therefore he used to have his dinner before 7 PM and go to bed before 10. 

Early to bed early rising

Many times, his co-star and team members praised his strict routine of early to bed and early to rise. He doesn’t shoot his movies in the late nights but starts early in the morning. Anyone invites him to their party; they know very well that he will leave before 9 PM as he loves his sleep and has to be in bed. In a tv show named Koffee with Karan, he admitted that he would love to reject the movie if the director asked him to work at night. It’s a good habit, and everyone needs to follow this mantra if they want to stay fit. 

Drink water as more as possible

The Khiladi of Bollywood used to drink 4 to 5 litres of clean and pure water every day. According to him, drinking water helps him to stay hydrated, and it also enhances the metabolism. Many of the doctors and health experts also advise their clients to drink more and more water. It’s a great habit actually, and the greatest way of dirt existence from our body. On the other hand, drinking 4 to 5 litres of water everyday helps in digestion as well. 

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These are the five primary fitness routines that Akshay Kumar follows. There are very few people who know that Akshay has made a fitness rule book. Let’s dive into that book. 

  • Never eat late nights. 
  • Protein shakes leads to health issues. 
  • Sleep early and start your morning as early as possible. 
  • Have such foods that control sugar and salt in your body. 
  • Try to meditate for peace of mind. 
  • Have nuts or fruits as a midday or evening snack instead of junks. 
  • Drink 4-5 litres of water every day. 
  • Keep high metabolism rates in the body
  • Do not overeat and try to eat less than capacity. 
  • When I can’t exercise, I walk or jog for 4 to 5 kilometres. 

Final lines!

You have checked the fitness rule book of Khiladi Kumar. Have you noticed one thing that he didn’t appreciate heavy workouts or health supplements? He doesn’t believe in gaining six pack abbs, but he is still the fittest actor in B-town. There is no doubt that the natural ways are far better than artificial. We agreed that for a working person, it is not possible to follow Akshay Kumar’s fitness secrets overall, as one can’t practice kick-boxing, swimming, and different sports every day. Well, frankly, Akshay Kumar also doesn’t practise these things every day. But whenever you are free, do such things that are good for your health and enhance your body stamina and strength instead of sleeping or drinking beer with your friends. Do just one thing, make Akshay your role model and follow him to stay fit and healthy even after 50.