Behaviour Modification Techniques To Manage Diabetes And CardioMetabolic Diseases

Modification Techniques To Manage Diabetes

What Exactly is Meant by Behavior Modification?

Behavior modification techniques basically mean the learning techniques essentially to affect and change the human behavior; the techniques mostly include positive reinforcement. It occurs when a pleasant reward or incentive follows the behavior, thereby increasing the regularity of performing the particular behavior in question.

Importance of Behavior Modification::

The most important use of behavior modification strategies in the era today is to ensure that there is a successful management of health related issues by changing the behavior related to those health related issues. Taking a simple example, quitting smoking will require you to follow a strict health regime and disciplined schedule. In similar senses, when it comes to medication related to managing cardio metabolic disease/ diabetes, the success of the medications highly depend on the behavior modification of the affected. Regular exercises and avoiding food items high on carbohydrates, calories or fat on a regular basis, is one of the most important rules to be followed here.

Diabetes or cardio metabolic diseases are few ailments that require behavior modification therapy more than any medication, to effectively manage the ailment. If one takes proper medications, however lacks in following the behavior modification programs, they are more likely to fail in availing the full benefits of the medicines they have been taking to cure the ailment.

The Most Effective Behavior Modification Strategies Steps to be Followed:

Step-1: Keep your Behavior Under Constant Scrutiny:

The first and foremost step that you need to follow, if you want the strategy to work for you, is to monitor your own behavior. There are simple ways of doing it. You can keep a diary or a journal. Fill it with your daily eating and exercising habits. Keep a watch and note anything in your habit that is making you gain weight or is not very helpful in getting over the ailment that you have. This will help you keep a check on each and every thing that you eat.

Step-2: Keep a Track of the Complications and the Patterns:

Keeping a journal will help you in ensuring that you keep up with anything that is helping and try avoiding anything that is not. You can also track of your exercise routine and know if they are helping you or not. If you are a diabetic already and require medications on a regular basis, this could help you keep a track on the patterns of your behavior and the effect they have on you. You also need to keep track of things that are stopping you from achieving the goal that you have set for yourself.

Make a Plan and Follow it:

After you have created the journal, the next thing that you need to do is, ensure that you have a plan based on your findings. Find out the things that are causing the issues, plan out things based on that and then follow the plan.

The basic idea of step by step behavior modification strategies is to ensure that you keep a track of your own behavior and change it based on what exactly is required to help you get better.