Best Hair Vitamins for Healthy and Strong Hair

Best Hair Vitamins For Healthy

Some studies found vitamins deficiency could influence the health of the hair and become the reason of hair loss. For that reason, hair vitamin supplements are now widely available in the market. However, from many, several Best Hair Vitamins could work well to improve hair health and make hair stronger from the root to the shaft. It is not about the brand of the supplements but the type of vitamins that have big influence to the hair.

The first of Best Hair Vitamins for the hair is biotin. You may know it as B-complex vitamin or vitamin H. Biotin help to strengthen hair and prevent dryness on the hair. The second vitamin is also vitamin B family that is vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid. Vitamin B5 could help to improve health of scalp, strengthen hair follicles, and prevent hair loss due to aging. The third vitamin is vitamin A as anti oxidant to fight free radicals for the health of the hair and improve the health of sebum to prevent dryness. The fourth is vitamin E that helps to improve hair health by improving oxygen uptake on the blood so body will have better blood circulation and improve production of new hair. The last from Best Hair Vitamins is inositol that some people put it on vitamin B group. Inositol is found to help reduce hair loss.

For people who experience hair loss problem, taking foods contain such vitamins is suggested. When people want to take supplements, the pill or capsule should contain all Best Hair Vitamins above. Nonetheless, since hair loss is not merely caused by vitamin deficiency, it is recommended that people have blood test to know whether they suffer for vitamin deficiency or not. If they do not suffer for vitamin deficiency, taking supplement may not create big influence to the health of the hair.