Diabetes Myths: Try To Avoid Some

For the last two years, I have been taking my diabetes quite easily and comfortably. I know that sounds strange to say carrying the disease instead of suffering, but I can use such word as I am living a healthy life despite the complications hidden in the same. The reason behind this simplicity is the practicality I am following from the very beginning. Even so, it’s not so easy for me to adjust the facts but I tried my best to avoid the misconceptions.

Based on my personal experience, I would like to unveil the truth behind some popular myths which have been recognized for creating fear in many diabetic persons like you. Let’s explore some of them here:

How can I get diabetes? I never consume sweets: this is the most common myth followed by many of you. Might be you are aware of the fact that whatever you eat will become converted into sugar. So, what you eat is not so vital as how much you eat. Many times, your overeating habits can make you endure the risk of diabetes, so, control your eating habits and ignore this myth.

I am avoiding carbohydrates, they are creating a spike in blood sugar: You are right on the thing that carbohydrates can create an evaluation in blood sugar. But, you must not neglect this fact also that carbohydrates are needed by your body to make it energetic. So, try to get a minimal amount of carbohydrates instead of avoiding it altogether.
If I had to take insulin, it means I am in severe diabetic stage: Well, that’s the false myth which needs to be avoided completely by a diabetic person.

I know, Insulin had earned a bad reputation, but actually, it is being the natural hormone works as the safest medicine among other options. It all works on the control mechanism of blood glucose which results in lowering down the risk or preventing complications hidden in diabetes.

I feel good, why I should make concern about my diabetes: Unless you face severe symptoms of high blood sugar, you can’t predict about your diabetes. Many of you might feel okay with their health but still remain unaware of their diabetic situation. Before continuing with such myth, kindly memorize the fact that diabetes is a silent killer and you should make serious concern about the same.

I don’t need to try out my glucose level. I know my blood sugar level by my feeling: Many of you make predictions about their glucose level just on the basis of their beliefs. Means, if you are feeling better, your blood sugar level is controlled and vice versa. Don’t hold this perception as research predicted that many times the feel-good factor fails to acknowledge the real temperament of diabetes and patient often avoid this and faced serious issues later. So, avoid assuming your sugar level on the basis of your feeling, instead, go to test and support.

Diabetes is a serious issue which can easily be resolved or can control by proper prescription and diabetic food.

Instead of following above myths, try to use a practical approach for a tension free life.