Get Diet Plan For Weight Gain To Keep Your BMI In A Proper Range

Diet Plan For Weight Gain

Today’s 9 to 5 job has made everyone’s lifestyle sedentary and boring. Sitting eight hours on a chair can obviously lead to pot stomach. This has increased risk related to health in which major role-play is done by obesity. Not only being obese or overweight is a problem but being underweight sure can catch many attentions too. Current world situation demands a healthy body meaning an appropriate BMI. People nowadays are too caught up in being in shape rather than concentrating on maintaining BMI. This ignorance has lead to creating a diet plan for weight gain.

Calculating The BMI

Although being rate of a being underweight is decreased when compared to the rate of people being obese, it is still a matter of concern. People are not aware of BMI and how it works. You can be slim yet healthy if your BMI is in the proper range. Hence, it does not absolutely mean that people who are thin are underweight. A body mass index (BMI) helps you to get check your weight range. This can be carried out by dividing your body weight by height squared. BMI within the range of 18.5 to 24.9 indicates a healthy body.

Reasons Which Can Trigger Being Underweight

Apart from not following a proper diet, there are various other medical reasons, which can lead to being underweight.

  • High Metabolism: Metabolism is a chemical process used to keep your body stable. People with high rate fail to gain weight even if their calorie intake is high and diet plan for weight gain is proper.
  • Family History: Genes can play a role in no weight gain as well. Family with such genes can naturally lead to low BMI.
  • Medical Conditions: Various medico reasons can have an effect on weight as well. Hyperthyroidism can lead to weight loss, diabetes Type 1; types of cancer can all show effects on a person’s weight.
  • Eating Disorders: Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia nervosa are eating disorders, which result in being underweight.
  • Depression: Depression can have a major impact on weight and appetite as well. People experiencing depression may need medical help urgently.

Diet Plan for Weight Gain

Eating high calorie food can lead to a common misconception in weight gain. Yes, eating calorie-rich food does help but products like sodas, French fries can lead to weight gain but not in a healthy way. Here an individual should think about gaining muscle and not fat in a healthy approach. Processed food mentioned above can result in increased fat around the visceral and subcutaneous area. This will no doubt increase weight but not in the way, you want. This will make your body go out of shape.

Getting and following a particular diet plan for weight gain has its own benefits. The plan also depends on the person’s age, sex, tolerance, and calorie intake as well. Your diet plan should have time divided between the meals and the meals should be broken as well.

For e.g.: before breakfast, one can have soaked almonds and after one hour goes for breakfast can have an omelette and low-fat butter or whole fruits. For lunch, one can opt for a cup of pulses, salad, and a piece of fish or chicken breast. Make sure to have evening snack with fistful nuts or avocado and potato. For dinner, go for brown rice or kidney beans and salad.

Healthy Advice to Gain Weight Safely

1. Have a Calorie Intake

Except for processed foods, eat all foods with high calories. Eatables as avocado, banana, and milk can help you get balanced weight hence adding them in your staple is a wise choice.

2. Have Healthy Carbs

Nothing is better than adding carbs in your diet. However, instead of sugar and refined carbs such as chocolate and pizzas trade with potato, brown rice and fruits.

3. Add a Protein Source in Every Meal

Our body is made of muscles, which in turn is made of proteins. Hence, adding protein can in your diet plan for weight gain can give you better and healthy results. Some good source of proteins includes turkey, chicken breast, legumes, fish, tofu, and nuts.

4. Sum up Your Diet with Healthy Fats

Adding fats means healthy fat, which does not harm your body. Fats like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are an excellent source of fats for a long run. One can include foods such as seeds, avocado oil, salmon, and nuts in your diet to keep yourself healthy.

5. Consume Weight Gain Supplements

Diet necessarily does not show the desired effects in various cases. Hence, adding weight gain supplements can make this process a little easier. Whey protein is an excellent supplement, which can be included in such cases. Whey protein can be added in milk for consumption.

6. Strength Training

Apart from diet, exercising is necessary to gain weight in proper places. Gaining weight does not mean fat instead it is the muscle, which needs to be added. Hitting the gym can help you get toned and fit body.

7. Stress Elimination

Stress is a major chartbuster when it comes to weight gain. Excess stress and overthinking can lead to weight loss and it is vital to ensure that you take measures to keep yourself calm and relax. Meditation and yoga are a great duo to keep your stress free and keep your body fit and healthy.

8. Sleep Habits

Sleep is an essential part of your daily routine and having a proper night sleep can minimize many health risks. A night of good quality sleep can help you to strengthen muscle leading in a healthy body.

9. Keep Your Goal Straight

Having a goal is easy but working towards it might be difficult. Thinking about diet plan for weight gain is easy but maintaining a food journal is not so easy. Jot down calorie intake and have a note on what you consume and how much you consume on a weekly basis. This pattern will motivate you to reach your goal.

10. Motivation

Gaining or losing weight is not everyone’s cup of tea. One has to adapt to a certain lifestyle and this adaptation can be tacky. Keeping yourself motivated is the best way to carry on the diet to accomplish results the way you desire. Being patient is the key since using faster ways to gain weight can only show temporary results.


Weight gain can be difficult to achieve but maintaining a diet plan for weight gain with consistency can surely give results. Avoid having junk and refined carbs for diet and focus on gaining muscle.

10 Best Diet Plan for Weight Gain
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10 Best Diet Plan for Weight Gain
Weight gain can be difficult to achieve but maintaining a diet plan for weight gain with consistency can surely give results. Avoid having junk and refined carbs for diet and focus on gaining muscle.
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