Exercises To Make Your Heart Healthy

You must be lazy or I may have guessed wrong. But when it comes to exercise part, everyone pretend to be lazy. Somehow I managed to put 10 of the main exercise which will definitely make you stronger and live more. Do you like it growing overweight, sitting doing nothing and eating junk food, I hope you not.
Make a proper diet chart along with your daily routine otherwise you will do proper exercise and if you not get proper diet along with this, you will notice no change in you. I am not saying you to workout daily in the starting. You can just rest on Sundays. But then when gradually at time when you make it your daily routine, do not let it slip from your hands.
Basic exercises which can be categorized differently are:

Do Cycling- The First and foremost thing which I took under consideration is Doing Cycling. Cycle is easily available and doesn’t cost much. It saves fuel also, as it doesn’t take gas to pollute the environment. You can cycle on a simple bicycle or use a stationary bike for an efficient workout for your Heart or we can say it as cardio workout. Pedal slowly in the starting and then do a sprint in which pedal as fast as you can, to make it better. If you have gears in your bike, try to shift gears and then cycle. Ride your bike up and down the hill, for better results. Keep in mind while cycling, stand and sit and pedal fast can benefit you more than normal cycling.

Power Walk- First walk slowly for about 15 minutes then slowly raise the intensity of your walk by maintaining a brisk pace. Set your goal of working your way up to 30 or 60 minute walk. It is the most effective way to maintain a healthy heart and to burn calories.

Jogging- Take your Brisk walk to the upper level by doing jogging, you will notice burning more calories per hour then power walk. Find a level terrain so you won’t tire and have to rest. If its raining heavily outside you can also use a treadmill.

Boxing- Use a punching bag or try kickboxing moves for a low-impact workout that uses your full body. Even when you are not kicking, a punching bag workout uses your legs as you go back and forth and punch the bag with full power. You can kick the bag as it would be beneficial.

Skating- Rollerblading or any type of skating helps you burn calories and make your heart beats fast. Look for a nice course that has long as well as uninterrupted plain stretch so that on it you can do some sprints. Try adding some slight ups and downs to help work your calves and vary your heart rate.

Core Workouts- Improve and tighten up your abs by using a full plank, an ab wheel from a kneeling, then try the same in standing position as with this you can improve your strength. Grab a medicine ball if you have, at arm length and turn right and then left side to work your obliques. Do a Kettlebell swinging, try it even with light weight also, recruits your stomach muscles. You can always use different types of crunches to challenge your muscles and you can start developing a six-pack or maybe eight, who knows.

Sports- Badminton, squash, Basketball, handball and tennis provide anaerobic workouts that can burn more calories per hour than basic regular aerobics. keep it going of rallies for at least 30 seconds to keep your heart rate elevated.

Bodyweight Exercises- Use your body weight to provide the resistance for calorie-burning workouts or muscle-building. Shuffle between different exercises, changing to a new area of your body each time. In the starting make sets, set 1: do pull-ups and sit-ups, then squats to exercise your core of your legs and arms. And set 2: crunches, lunges, dips and chin-ups if you can. Carry on for one or two minutes in the starting, then take a short break, and then start another set of exercise. While doing chin-ups and pull-ups, raise yourself straight with your torso, only using your arms. Doesn’t twist and turn or you may injure yourself. While doing the first set of dips place your both hands in front of your hips, then at the time of next set put it behind your hips, just to vary the muscles you use and to see better results fast.

Dumbbell- Use dumbbells to create full-body workouts that build muscle of your body, reduce fat deposit, and definitely improve muscular endurance and most importantly burn calories. Perform kickbacks, curls, squats, rows, presses, dead lifts, and lunges.

Try Stairs of your home- For aerobic or sprint training workouts you need not to go outside or join any class walking or running up and down stairs. When moving up the stairs it emphasizes youre calf muscles, and helpful while going down the stairs also. Add several minutes of stairs to cardio or endurance workouts to raise your heart rate. It will also improvise your leg and hip muscles

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