Home Remedies for Dark Circle around Eyes

Eye loses attraction when we find dark circle arund id. Charm of face is also lost. Skin layer is very sensictive around eyes because mosturising glands not situated around eyes therefore we can see effect of stress and negligence of eye care

Reason for Dark Circle around Eyes

  1. Anaemia
  2. Infection in urine
  3. Insumenia
  4. crash dieting
  5. constipation
  6. stress
  7. Deprived of Sleep
  8. Late night awakening
  9. excess sex
  10. Mental stress & Strain
  11. excessive Physical work
  12. study or work in dim/ low light
  13. Prolong illness
  14. Long and persistence use of anti-biotics
  15. Deep Makeup
  16. Smoking
  17. Liquor and other drugs
  18. Some time heretical also
  19. disturbance in harmore during / after pregnency

Points to Remember

  • for beautiful and healthy eyes, 8hours sleep is recommended
  • Too much sleep is bad of eyes so one should take adequate sleep
  • Study and other minute work should be carried out in proper light, it reduces stress on eyes
  • TV and mobile should not watch too much it affects health of eyes
  • Save eyes from dust, direct sunlight, smoke and spurious cosmetics
  • Do not read books when lying, sit straight on chair and keep book at proper distance so that pressure on eyes is maintained optimum.
  • Do not study in dim light or while traveling
  • Do not watch excessive violence scene in TV or serial, these scene make bad affect on eyes
  • strain/ mental stress and anger is bad for eyes
  • Smoking is very dangerous for eyes
  • Persistence use of hair dryer also effect eyes

Home Remedies for Healthy Eyes and Removing Dark Circle

  1. Drink 8-10 glass of water daily
  2. Let tears follow, do not stop them either happy or sad
  3. do not fast too much and crush dieting
  4. Do not wear dark or deep makeup, it block stomata(Pore) because of this moisturisation and oxygen stop going into the skin
  5. Do no bleach around eyes due to this wrinkle starts
  6. Do not massage around eyes
  7. We should increase intake of Vitamin A, D, Green Leaf veg, salad, fresh foods, milk and sprout etc
  8. Mix 1 spoon of water with 1 spoon of cucumber juce and applied on affected skin, it provide calcium phosphorus which is good for skin
  9. Take Adequate Iron, Vitamin A, C
  10. Make fine paste of potato and applied gently on dark circle.
  11. 1 tea spoon of cucumber juice, 4 drop of honey, some drop of potato juice and 1 tea spoon for almond oil, mix them well and applied on dark circle. it is very effective for dark circle
  12. Dip almonds in milk for whole night, in morning make a paste of it and applied on dark circle
  13. Basil leaves along with cucumber is also effective
  14. tomato juice mixed with lemon, it is very rich in Vitamin C and lycopene
  15. Half tea spoon honey, 2-3 drop of orange juice can be applied on Dark Circle
  16. When eyes are tired, lie down closing the eyes for 20 minutes, this gives relief to vessels of eyes
  17. In summer season rubbing eyes also gives soothing effect
  18. Keep wet swab of rose water on eyes for 20 minutes

Eyes are very important and aesthetic part of body, keep them healthy and Beautiful

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