Home Remedies for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are the veins having feeble walls or weak valves which causes blockage of blood in some areas resulting in twisting and inflammation of the veins. These can be easily visible due to being dark blue or purple. These may bulge out from the underside of the skin and can cause uneasiness due to severe pain. Both men and women can be affected by varicose veins.

Usually, it appears because of any one of the following reasons:
Being overweight
Taking contraceptive pills
Long heavy periods
Some hormonal changes

Symptoms of Varicose Veins

Common symptoms of these are occurrence of muscle cramps, swollen ankles and feet and itchy or thinner skin over the affected area. Varicose veins can cause burning sensation, drowsiness, pain and bulky type of feeling in the legs. Though medical treatments are there to treat them but, trying home remedies to treat them are always preferable.

Home remedies for Varicose Veins

We look at some home remedies which will help to reduce their symptoms:
1) Compression stockings:
This helps the muscles and veins to flow blood towards the heart by applying pressure on the legs. A great decline in the pain and tenderness associated with varicose veins is noticed by using knee-high compression stockings for one week. These are available at most pharmacies or online stores.
2) Exercise:
Regular exercising helps to increase the blood circulation in the legs, which also aids to push the blood that has been collected inside the veins. Blood pressure is lowered by doing exercise which is also an improvising factor to varicose veins. Light exercises like walking, swimming, cycling and yoga help to make calf muscles active without unnecessary strain.
3) Eating more flavonoids:
Blood circulation is improved by taking the foods containing flavonoids and also they help to shrink the varicose veins. They also aide to lessen the blood pressure in the arteries and blood vessels are relaxed which will automatically reduce the varicose veins. Foods containing flavonoids can be:
Citrus fruits (oranges, lemon), cherries, berries, apples and grapes
Green vegetables along with broccoli, onions and bell peppers
4) Choose loose- fitted clothes:
Blood circulation is get improved by wearing loose- fitted clothes as the blood flow is restricted by the tight –fitted clothes. Using flat shoes in place of high heels may also prove to be helpful.
5) Keep the feet elevated;
Blood circulation is improved by elevating the feet, preferably at the same height as the heart or above. Pressure on the leg veins will be reduced by this and blood will flow smoothly.
6) Apple cider vinegar:
It can be applied directly to the affected area to improve the blood circulation. Gently massage it during morning and evening and swelling will be reduced. It can be drunk also b y adding 2 teaspoons in a glass of water.
7) Massage:
Blood flow is improved by lightly massaging the affected area. Any oil or moisturizer can be used for massage. Much pressure on the veins directly should be avoided as it can harm the weak tissues.
8) Stay active:
Sitting for long continuously must be avoided as it slows down the blood flow, so always aim to get up and move frequently for the smooth flow. Sitting with crossed legs should also be avoided for better blood circulation.
9) Olive oil:
Blood circulation is increased by applying olive oil to the affected area which helps to decrease the swelling and pain. Just warm it and massage twice a day.
10) Garlic:
This helps to eliminate the toxins from body and to decrease the swelling.
11) Witch Hazel:
It helps to strengthen the blood vessels by decreasing the swelling and thus increase the flow of the blood in the veins. Apiece of cloth dipped in witch hazel can be applied on the area.
12) Plant extracts:
Some kind of plant extracts is also beneficial for this ailment as they reduce leg swelling and pain. They should be diluted before applying.
13) Dietary changes:
Having nuts like almonds and pistachios helps to reduce the water retention in the body and thus they relax the muscles of varicose veins because of being rich in potassium.

Some other potassium- high foods are-

Green veggies
White beans and lentils
Fish like salmon and tuna

Sodium-high or salty foods cause the body to retain water, so to minimize the water retention one should cut down on salt intake. Rather, fibrous foods should be added for the smooth bowel movement.
Losing some excess weight also proves to be helpful.
If the condition is not cured by these home remedies then one should go for medical options after consulting the physician.