Home Treatment for Weight Loss

Home Treatment For Weight Loss

Obesity can cause great risks to health as people who are fat or obese have a high risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Like many other methods effective weight loss can also be gained by home treatments using natural elements. But before anything, you should first follow a proper diet schedule by taking only healthy and organic food. Whatever you eat whether it is organic, always take it in a balanced form and at no cost indulge yourself in eating any food. Secondly always take fewer amounts of sugary and oily foods. Similarly among fats, avoid fatty acids and saturated fats.

For effective weight loss avoid taking excess of carbohydrates. Do not take excessive quantity of rice and potatoes. While reducing weight take wheat and barley as it can be a good substitute of rice having low calories. Biter food should also be a part of your diet as it prevents the fats to stay in the body in the body for long thus reducing weight. Always eat you meal in small quantity without fulfilling your stomach. During a whole day take as much fluid as you can like juices and water. But juices should be taken in fresh and natural form without adding sugar or honey to it.

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Similarly effective weight loss can be obtained at a fast rate, if we do work out daily. Though everybody knows, but still people become lazy. If you cannot join a gym, you can even do brisk walk daily for 30 minutes. You can do it daily in a nearby park thus enjoying the nature around. As walk can further reduce stress making you healthier. Another very effective home remedy is to avoid salty food for a week as it will help a lot to reduce weight because salt cause water retention in the body causing puffiness and weight gain. Mint leaves are excellent for weight reduction and you can take it in the form of a sauce or chutney. You must include mint in every meal daily as it reduces fat in the body. You can also have it in the form of tea in the morning.

Intake of vitamin C is another good remedy against weight loss. You can have it in the form of lemon juice or grapefruit and orange. Leafy green vegetables are also rich in vitamin C. You can have it in raw form y using it in various salads. Honey is another element, which is easily available at home, and it helps reduce fat in the body. A combination of green tea and honey helps a lot in fat reduction. Similarly lemon grass tea is also very effective for this purpose and it is very delicious too. Honey taken with lime juice can also reduce weight if taken before an hour of breakfast. Jambula plant is very popular in India and it is used y soaking in water and then drinking it. Four leaves are enough for a glass of water. You should take it before the breakfast.

Similarly some herbs are also used for weight reduction like,Triphala choorna and Guduchi,as these herbs help in dissolving fat.