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There is surely something in garlic that is genuinely captivating. In India, it has always been used in curries and other preparations. Not only has it added to the taste and aroma, it has superb nutritive value as well. Nowadays It is common to have garlic in every kitchen in India. Since ancient times, its numerous health properties were acknowledged and are still followed in our culture today.

How Garlic is the best home remedy in troubleshooting numerous illness

Garlic is A plant that belongs to the onion family, it grows in many parts of the world and remains a powerful cooking ingredient everywhere. In ancient times, its use was restricted to health and medicinal purposes. There are several Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek, and Chinese scriptures with explicit reference to garlic. Nutritionists are now aware that its health benefits are a direct result of the sulphur compounds in garlic. These compounds enter the body and spread all across and benefit the overall health.

Nutritional Facts

Garlic is nutritious; here’s how: A single clove of raw garlic contains .06 gms fiber, 2% manganese, 2% Vitamin B6, 1% Vitamin C, and some amount of calcium, copper phosphorus, iron, and potassium. In total, this becomes 4.5 calories, with 0.2 grams of protein and 1-gram carbohydrates.

Clinical Studies

the nutritional value of garlic was well known and recognized even in ancient times. There is noteworthy mention of garlic in Ayurvedic scriptures, as well.

The National Institutes of Health lists a study in their database. In this study, 600-1500 mg of aged garlic extract was found to be as powerful as drugs in reducing high blood pressure. The study was conducted over 24 weeks.

Another study enlisted in the same database confirmed the effectiveness of garlic in reducing bad cholesterol. These inferences are supported by several other studies and clinical trials in proving the effectiveness of garlic in promoting a healthy heart.

Health Benefits of Garlic

1. Prevention of Heart Disease

One of the most significant benefits of garlic is its proven properties to reverse early heart disease. It does so by removing plaque build-up in our arteries. Some studies suggest that garlic extract reduces plaque and makes your heart strong.

2. Reduce Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can give rise to several fatal diseases. Consuming Garlic can significantly reduce and manage high blood pressure in people suffering from it. It is as effective as drug Atenolol.

3. Improves Cholesterol Levels

It is known to reduce cholesterol, and hence, people with high cholesterol should regularly take garlic in their diet. It’s seen in clinical trials that it reduces LDL cholesterol by nearly 10-15%. However, people with relatively very high cholesterol levels may find little benefit from it.

4. Powerful Antioxidant

Garlic and its extract have strong antioxidant properties. It, therefore, protects the body from free radical damage. Several scientific studies well support the antioxidant properties of garlic.

With all its health virtues, consuming garlic is the need of the hour. It is the best home remedy for any disease. So consume it every day and enjoy its numerous health benefits.

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