How to gain weight in girls & An Attractive And Shapely Physique

How to gain weight in girls

Girls who underweight and have body mass index BMI below 18.5 should concentrate on gaining weight and they should change their lifestyle. Underweight will lead to may disease and health issues that will decrease the immunity system. This will lead to weakened bones, unhealthy skin, hair, and inability to menstruate. How to gain weight in girls will be explained in this article.

Gaining weight by eating more junk food and more oily food is not a good idea. This will leave unwell feel, speed of energy, and you might face many health problems. You must follow some proper diet and you should also take calories by adding protein to your diet. Add extra calories by taking smoothies, yogurt, hot cereals, etc.

Reason for underweight:

We all have one question that how to gain weight in girls who are underweight? Here is the answer. Underweight means our body is having less weight or mass and you should increase to normal weight. BMI will help you to determine your healthy weight range. The reasons for underweight are high metabolism, family history, medical conditions, eating disorders, and depression.

We can easily get out of this problem by following some steps. We all know those who are underweight and skinny they are the ones who work hard for gaining weight in many ways. According to BMI 18.5 or less are called underweight, 18.5 to 24.5 are normal weight, 25.0 to 29.9 are overweight and 3.0 or higher are obese.

People who are underweight will not have fat that deposits on their bodies and may not be getting enough calories to fuel their bodies. These impacts are faced by many people and this will cause a variety of health issues. The calorie in taking should focus on good sources of protein, grains, and healthy fats.

Junk food and desserts may help you put on kilos but it will destroy the health. All girls should aim to gain muscles and subcutaneous fat. Unhealthy fats will cause unhealthy belly and increase the risk of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, etc.

Foods that should be included to increase weight:

How to gain weight in girls?

Follow the below-mentioned diet to gain weight.


A whole egg is one of the most natural protein-rich foods that are easily available in the market and it can be easily cooked. This is one of the healthiest foods. These eggs will contain vitamins A, D, and E and it will contain good cholesterol that will help to increase the weight.

Lean red meat:

If you want to gain muscle then you should sure take red meat. This will work better than the tablets that are available in the market. Loads of protein and iron are available in lean red meat. This lean red meat will be more delicious and healthy too.


chicken is easily available in the market and this is cheaply available in the market. This chicken will contain proteins and nutrients that will work better than weight gaining tablet.  100 grams of chicken will contain 25 grams of protein. Your calories will boost extra when you take it with skin.

Oily fish:

oil fish is one of the best non-vegetarian foods that will help to gain weight. Especially, salmon and tuna. By taking salmon with your meals you can increase muscle mass. This is one of the healthiest foods. By eating tuna you can gain weight in a healthy manner.


Shrimps, lobsters, oysters, and mussels are the shellfish that will help in gaining weight in a delicious and yummy way. High cholesterol content is available in shrimp.

Fat milk:

In the healthy diet to gain weight fat milk play a vital role because it has calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. 13 gram of carbs, 8 grams of protein and 150 calories are available in fat milk. If you are not interested in milk you can add chocolate powder to add some flavour. Milk is one of the superfoods to gain weight and muscle.


In order to add spice, we all will all add butter to our food. It is one of the dairy products that help to increase healthy fat. But butter should be consumed in smaller quantities because it contains saturated fat that will clog or block the arteries.


The ultimate answer for gaining weight is the fresh unflavored yogurt. This will also help in gaining muscle strength.  Greek yogurt is healthier than normal yogurt because it contains twice the times of proteins. This Greek yogurt will help in the increase in amino acid levels.


To gain weight in a fast manner you can take cheese daily with your diet. This is one of the ways to make meals more delicious and healthier.  Cheese contains proteins, fat, calories, and calcium that will help in gaining weight.

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Exercise for gaining weight:

Skinny girls can transform their entire appearance and they get an attractive and shapely physique. But more girls will have a question in their mind that how to gain weight in girls? These exercises can help you to clear the doubt you have.


A squat is one of the simplest exercises that will include the best callisthenics workout routine. This workout routine will help in toning and strengthening the lower body. It will gain weight for women and help to provide a well-shaped and rounded back.


Pushups are the best exercise for upper arms. By doing this exercise girls can get toned, strong, and ripped arms. This will also increase the chest, shoulder, triceps, and core muscles. Pushups exercise will help in developing the muscles and this is considered to be the muscle-building exercise.


Swimming is one of the physical activities that help to gain weight. Swimming is the only workout that will give a perfect result in every part of the body. This training will help the girls who wish to increase the weight.

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Now, you might all have a clear answer to the question of how to gain weight in girls? If you are a woman, you should be focusing on weight gaining exercises and the diet mentioned above that will help you in all ways to gain weight.

How to gain weight in girls?
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How to gain weight in girls?
Follow the below-mentioned diet to gain weight. 1 Egg 2 Lean red meat 3 Chicken 4 Oily fish 5 Shellfish 6 Fat milk 7 Butter 8 Yogurt 9 Cheese
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