Indian home remedies for dry cough in child

Overview of Children’s Colds and Flu Medical Condition

Parents know the symptoms of their child’s poor health- runny nose, fever, coughing, pharyngitis, among many others; but, wouldn’t know whether it’s cough or flu. Their symptoms are similar since both are caused by a virus infection, which usually lasts from one to 2 weeks. Colds and flu symptoms are similar. The latter, however, is more severe than colds.

Colds are viral infections that afflict young children because they need not yet build up their immunity to approximately two hundred (200) viruses that cause colds. Children are afflicted at the speed of ten (10) times per annum or quite a traditional adult. This is often a result of their lack of immunity, but they recover as they get older.

Symptoms Of Colds and Flu

Colds occur for about fortnight, and therefore the symptoms may include: runny nose, sniffing, fever, and pharyngitis. Flu would have similar symptoms but would come with other more severe ailments like a loose bowel movement, chills, aches and pains within the body joints, headache, dry cough, irritability, extreme tiredness and lack of appetite.

Caring for the Sick Child with the best home remedies

  • If the kid is stricken with either colds or flu, he must rest for some time to assist his body fight infection. Tips to help the kid in improving follows:
  • Keep him hydrated by drinking much water.
  • Space should be airy and with average room temperatures – not too cold nor too warm.
  • Dress the kid in light and cozy clothes, and do vapor rubs and nasal saline sprays to assist the kid to breathe.
  • If the kid has difficulty in breathing way to a blocked nose, it might be advisable to boost his pillow to form breathing more natural.

What You Need To Know About Indian home remedies for dry cough in a child

  • Colds and flu can’t be treated with antibiotics because they’re not caused by bacteria, but by an epidemic. Some over the counter drugs, however, can help ease the symptoms. It knows to choose medications that are specially formulated for your child’s age. If you’re unsure, it might be advisable to consult a doctor or pharmacist.
  • If your child is yet a baby or a toddler, paracetamol and ibuprofen suspensions, specially formulated for babies and youngsters, will help ease the pain and reduce the temperature.
  • If the kid is between three months to 6 years old, CALCOUGH Infant Syrup that contains glycerol can help alleviate the symptoms of sticky cough. Other medications containing other active ingredients are often found in pharmaceutical outlets for youngsters over six (6) years aged.
  • A natural cough remedy, one which is competent and may be easily purchased, is unlikely to be natural unless you check out the individual’s specific needs.
  • There are many cough remedies, and lots of manufactures attempt to create one for all coughs. This is often unrealistic, as there are probably as many cough remedies as there are coughs. Most are private, with individual causative factors and hereditary imbalances.
  • Someone may develop a cough with a cold. Somebody else may have a cough independent of a cold. One cough may have developed after the loss of a beloved.
  • Again, some coughs could also be worse once you lie. Others could even be worse when the weather suddenly changes, like within the autumn.
  • So don’t attempt to get one cough remedy to suit all coughs. You will be wasting some time also as your money. Homeopathy provides you with the most straightforward potential of finding your unique and private cough remedy. There are many remedies for coughs, within homeopathy, which may be a great comfort, as this suggests there’ll be one for any cough.
  • Of course, the downside can mean tons of searching. This is often best left to a knowledgeable homeopath who has been trained to form short work of this.
  • However, several common homeopathic cough remedies are in most good home prescribing kits. All you would like to try to do is to form an inventory of the cough symptoms and modalities.
  • For example, a toddler with a cough which is worse within the evening or in the dark, worse when lying down and came on after getting chilled, then a couple of doses of the homeopathic remedy may resolve it.
  • This remedy is particularly indicated in children who are clingy and whine tons. They have constant attention, a continuing show of affection. Generally, they’re worse during a stuffy room, and far better in the fresh air.
  • As a child’s sleep is often easily disturbed with this sort of cough, this cough remedy may restore a family’s peace and sanity, with no more disturbed nights.

Extended immune support with powerful home remedies

  • For kids who will have multiple respiratory infections throughout fall or winter, other supplements to support the system are often added.
  • Vitamin C and zinc stimulate the system and help to both prevent and reduce the duration of colds.
  • Probiotics not only help with gut health, but they also boost our immunity.
  • The most important factors for preventing illnesses still focus on the fundamentals of rest, hydration, and getting the proper nutrients. If your children get these basics, they’re going to be less likely to become sick, but if they are doing get sick, these natural treatments can help to ease their symptoms also as expedite their healing process.

Natural Remedies to Fight Colds and Flus

Wet Sock Treatment


One pair of thin cotton socks in drinking water

One pair of dry, thick wool socks

Right before bed, soak feet in hot water for 5-10 minutes or take a hot shower/bath. Squeeze out cotton socks and placed them on feet. Put dry wool socks over the cotton socks, and attend bed with socks on.

Mustard Pack


Two pieces of thin cloth (muslin is best or old cut-up T-shirt)

1 tbsp powdered mustard powder

Flour (adult: 4tbsp, child: 8 tbsp, infant: 12 tbsp)

hot water

Mix flour and mustard. Add hot water to form a paste. Put one piece of muslin over the chest, spread mustard paste thinly over entire cloth, then cover with remaining cloth to create a mustard “sandwich.” Put a bit of cling wrap over top and canopy with a hot pad or hot water bottle for about 10-20 minutes. The skin shouldn’t be red; await skin irritation. Clean the area thoroughly after treatment.

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