Infertility, Its Causes And Treatments

When a couple is unable to conceive, it is automatically believed that the lack is in the woman only. What everyone has to understand is that women arent the ones who are always infertile reason. In fact, a lot of times men are infertile and require proper infertility treatment. This wrong understanding has already broken a lot of relationships that could last forever.

Unfortunately, western medicine and their traditional fertility experts dont have adequate solutions for infertility sufferers. Many western fertility doctors are limited to dangerous medicines, invasive procedures and major surgeries. These procedures can cause futility instead of fertility, which is the reason why every infertile couple should pick its doctor carefully.

Orthodox medication has its limitations that become the reason why it gets hard to address the infertilitys root cause. As an example, take drugs like clomiphene citrate. This drug is associated with ovarian cysts as well as cancer. Clomiphine can also cause multiple pregnancies as well as deformed babies if they work. It is extremely crucial that the medicines or procedures used to help women conceive are authentic and tested in order to work without side effects.

Not many people know that one of the causes of infertility is hormonal imbalance. The reproductive hormones are Estrogen, LH, FSH, testosterone and progesterone. The imbalance is the underlying cause of all the infertility issues including fibroids, endometrosis, endometrial hyperplasia, ovarian cysts, heavy or irregular periods and so on. Among all the mentioned hormones, the estrogen dominance relative to progesterone is the greatest cause of infertility.

The requirement for every infertile woman is to have healthy ovary in order to make eggs, achieve healthy pregnancy and then have a healthy baby. If you are one of the people who require infertility treatment, you should read a lot of books and gather loads of data from online resources about infertility and its cure. The more you will know about your medical condition as well its treatment, the more chances will be of you getting pregnant.

Apart from the medical treatments, a woman can follow a number of steps in order to combat infertility. The key is to learn about balancing the hormones. It is clearly mentioned in various medical reports that imbalance in the hormonal system is the major cause of infertility. The steps one needs to follow are the ones that would stop estrogen dominance as the women will be able to balance her hormones.

Infertile women must learn to listen to their body. They should avoid consuming junk, devitalized, processed and chemicalized food products. They should instead eat non-estrogenic and those foods that boost fertility by balancing the body hormones. Various foods such as commercial vegetable oils, dioxins, soy beans, stored nuts, flaxseed, organophosphates, carrots etc. should be avoided as much as possible.

Infertility can be cured. All a person has to do is to act fast, find the right treatment, eat right and stick to the plan. If everything is done right, the infertility will eventually be cured and a healthy human being will step into this world.