Kangana Ranaut’s secrets behind her lean and hot body!

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It’s not a child’s game to come from a small city of Himachal Pradesh and win three national film awards. It needs a lot of guts and talent to be a Kangana Ranaut. Kangana has established herself as a queen and indeed lady of B-town. There is a long list of awards which the actress has gained on her name. 

Getting the fabulous curves and super hot body needs to be a fitness freak like Kangana. One needs to follow a balanced and controlled diet and a disciplined workout routine to get a lean and sculpted body. Kangana also focuses on her body shape and fitness and follows strict health routines. Here we have revealed the secrets of Kangana’s super hot body and finest curves. 

Workout regime

Kangana follows a strict and firm workout regime and used to hit the gym five days a week. Like all the actresses of B-town, her gym workout routine also involves weight and strength exercises. Weight training, strength training, yoga, cardio, pull-ups, push-ups, squats and german sets are some of the regular workouts of her regime. Apart from this, the hottest queen of the Bollywood industry relies on 45 minutes of yoga every day for her extremely gorgeous body shape and to get a relaxed mind as well. Kangana loves to share her knowledge with her fans and in an interview, she has admitted her daily diet and workout routine. 

According to Kangana, one has to follow below-listed rules to get a fit and toned body shape.

  • Strictly avoid junk foods.
  • Do Yoga and meditation for at least 45 minutes a day. 
  • Stick to balanced and healthy meals. 
  • Do not avoid the gym as well. 
  • Must do walk or a jog in the mornings to get fresh air and Vitamin D. 

Kangana is very disciplined for her workout routine and takes help from fitness guru guidance. Many times Kangana has also seen kickboxing, which helps her to lose weight from her legs and arms. At the same time kickboxing also helps a human body to stay energetic for a productive activity like acting and actions. Apart from the gym workouts and kickboxing, Kangana also relies on yoga and according to the most beautiful queen of Bollywood, yoga helps her to keep calm. As she is surrounded by lots of controversies. 

Kangana’s Diet Plan

The 33 years bold and gorgeous beauty steers away herself from oily and junk food. It is not because she is afraid of weight gain, as these kinds of foods are harmful to the body organs. Oily and junk foods which contain fat are the reason for increasing cholesterol levels in the body and sometimes it leads to type 2 diabetes. The independent queen afraid of these kinds of health issues and that’s why she follows a strict and balanced diet. Let’s have a look at her different meals. 


Her breakfast involves such foods which are rich in fibre and do not enhance the cholesterol level in her body. Her favourite dish is daily as her breakfast which doesn’t cause a spike of sugar in the blood and controls the cholesterol level as well. Another favourite breakfast of the beauty queen is whole-grain cereal. Whole-grain cereal is also rich in fibre and complex carbohydrates. The complex carbohydrates help the human body to stay energetic throughout the day. 

Mid-day snack

When she feels hungry during her shoot in the mid-day, she loves to have healthy protein shakes and fresh fruits. Fresh fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre again. Apart from this, protein shakes provide her body with the right amount of proteins and helps her to encounter the toughest job. 


In lunch, she used to eat Indian foods which include daal, boiled vegetables, rice, salad and chapatis. No doubt these dishes consume all the required nutrients and minerals which a human body needs. Salad is, of course, the richest source of nutrients and it also helps to manage body weight. Gluten-free rice and roti is the most popular organic source of healthy carbs, energy and these both dishes are highly nutritious. Apart from this, daal helps the human body to get the required protein and the last one is boiled veggies which are good for skin and rich in vitamin C. 

Evening snack

Like her mid-day snack, she avoids junk foods as her evening snack. Protein shake, fresh fruits and sometimes brown bread takes part in her evening snack. 


Kangana believes in the famous mantra “stomach needs to be light at night”. According to this mantra, eating light food at night is good for health and controls body weight as well. That’s why Kangana starts her dinner with vegetable soups which are good for health and her glowing skin. Sometimes she eats boiled vegetables too and finishes her dinner with a salad. 

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Final lines!

The “Manikarnika” fame has always surprised and impressed her audience with her talent and acting skills. This success is of course because of her dedication, fashion sense and beautifully maintained body. Perhaps her diet plans and workout routine, help you to make a fitness goal or to achieve a fit and gorgeous body like Kangana Ranaut. 

Kangana is almost like all the other actresses of the B-town. But there is a difference between proper diet, dedication and discipline. We all knew that she is an independent lady of the film industry and gaining this much popularity demands dedication and discipline. Doesn’t matter whether you are in B-town or your home town, staying fit and healthy is everyone’s need. Kangana is engaged in many women empowerment and if you love Kangana then she is going to be very happy if you follow her and her fitness routine to stay fit and healthy always.