Look Younger with Thermage Anti Aging Treatment

Thermage Anti Aging Treatment

Anti Aging is a natural process of nature and everyone has to go through it. Every child grows into an adult and progresses through middle age towards old age and ultimately dies. This is a natural process and a harsh fact of life that every single person knows about. Despite all this, the fact still remains that everyone wants to remain young for as long as possible. No one wants to look older and women especially do everything possible for appearing younger than they actually are. It is also very natural that however well a person might try to take care of his or her skin, the signs of aging will definitely start showing at some point. All the known treatments so far can only delay the process of aging a little bit but cannot completely eliminate it.

The most common ways of delaying aging are using of sunscreen every single day, drinking a lot of water, and doing exercises regularly throughout your life. Even after all this, there comes a time when the body cannot replace the collagen in the skin fast enough, which is responsible for preventing the signs of aging from showing. There are a number of factors that directly or indirectly affect the breakdown of collagen. This lack of collagen results in wrinkles and sagging of the skin around face, neck, forehead, and mouth. The only way these things can be delayed is by encouraging the production of collagen in the layers of the skin. This is the principle on which most of the anti-aging treatments work.

One way of encouraging collagen production is by stimulating the underlying layers of skin with techniques such as Thermage. This therapy uses radio frequency for heating the layers of deep skin tissue. This is a relatively new way of treatment which has become possible because of the new cooling technology. Today, there is no danger of such procedures burning the epidermis only because of the innovations in the cooling technology related to it. The deeper layers of skin are stimulated by the heat and the wrinkles and sagginess is removed, leaving the person with tighter, smoother, and younger-looking skin.

Such a treatment is different from laser treatments as this does not heat the outermost layer of skin as is done in the treatment of aging with the laser. This is why better results are achieved with radiofrequency technology. A great advantage of this type of treatment is that there is absolutely no recovery time needed in it. This is a really big advantage considering the fact that the patient may be out of work for days in other types of treatments. One can immediately get back to work after undergoing Thermage and looking quite younger than before in just one treatment. This is a relatively new technology and is not available everywhere so it would be better to check whether or not your healthcare provider has this before undergoing the procedure.

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