MS Dhoni Diet and Fitness Routine!

MS Dhoni Diet and Fitness Routine!

Indians ever can’t forget the moment of cricket world cup victory. We still remember the last lines said by commentators “once again the Indian captain on the crease and finishes off in his style. India lifted the world cup after 26 years”. There was one more headline which revealed the name of the best Indian cricket team captain in the year 2004, “Ranchi boy has smashed off, welcome the youngest talent” Mahendra Singh Dhoni”. 

Yes, the captain cool has so many records on his name. There are so many rumours about our captain cool, like Dhoni is lucky, he got all the fame and success because of his good luck. But the real thing is that the most successful captain is committed to his fitness and game as well. Without a fit physique, no one can touch the level of success which he has done. 

There is nothing so unique in his workout routine, but he loves to maintain workout disciplines, routine and rules. The player is known for his willpower, calm and composed behaviour has stated that his fitness and health conditions play a crucial role in his behaviour. Today we are here to reveal the fitness secrets of captain cool. Have a look!

Daily Workout routine

No doubt Dhoni is a fitness freak, as we have seen many times, he is struggling in the gym and fields. Being a wicketkeeper, he was required to sit in a squatting position for long hours which isn’t an easy task. He needs to stay fit and energetic all the time. In the free hours, he used to do body stretching, strength training which helps him to prevent injuries, and enhances running and batting speed.

We have a list of a few of Dhoni’s favourite exercises and workouts.

  • Machine chest press 
  • V –grip Lateral Pulldown 
  • Lateral pulldown 
  • Reverse lunges on bench 
  • Prone dumbbell rowing 
  • Alternate dumbbell curl
  • Dumbbell chest press 
  • Walking lunges with dumbbell 
  • Single leg deadlift

If you know a bit about gymming, then you can see that all forms of exercise are helpful to reduce excess fat and to enhance the body stamina. Being a cricketer or a wicketkeeper, these two things are his priority. 

Not only the workouts, but he also depends on some of his favourite sports to stay fit and energetic all the time. Now the whole world knows very well that apart from being a cricketer, Dhoni also loves to play badminton and football. According to the captain cool, these both sports help him to enhance his concentration level, footwork and eyesight. 

Dhoni’s fitness trainer has revealed that the captain cool alternates the gym hours to his favourite sports. Gymming or playing doesn’t matter; the result is in front of the whole world. But this didn’t mean that he avoids the gym. He pays the same attention to both crucial actions to stay fit and healthy. 

Dhoni’s diet Routine

Even at the age of 36, he still can challenge the newcomers for the fitness terms. His balanced diet is another reason for his fitness. First of all, let us tell you that the Ranchi boys love to have the most popular Indian Dish “Daal Chawal”. Apart from this, he is dedicated to a simple diet plan which suits his body. He used to avoid junk foods, but he has a soft corner for butter chicken. Overall he loves to eat simple, clean and home-cooked food mostly. Let’s have a look at his diet routine. 


As we said earlier, Dhoni loves to have Indian foods. At his breakfast, he usually eats corn flakes with fruits and nuts and a glass of milk. He agreed that sometimes he eats parathas also. 


For lunch, he loves to have chapatis, daal or chicken with a salad to add fibre and nutrients. Sometimes he used to replace chapatis with rice. 


Dhoni’s dinner is almost similar to lunch. As he used to eat chapatis or rice, daal or vegetables and most of the times, he added chicken in his meal.  


Furthermore, the captain cool loves to have energy and healthy drinks regularly. Protein shakes, and milk is the two integral parts of Dhoni’s everyday diet routine. As we all know, drinking milk every day helps the body to get the required nutrients like phosphorus, magnesium, Vitamin B12, A, and riboflavin. On the other side, the protein shakes help to build and repair the body muscles. According to Dhoni, protein shakes, and milk helps his body to get the required protein and vitamins and other healthy nutrients which he needs to stay fit.

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Apart from the protein shakes or milk, he loves to have fresh juices. Sodas and soft drinks are in his avoid list. Having a glass of juice is the greatest way to absorb the nutrients of fruits and veggies. Packaged juices are not suitable for health, and our captain cool also avoids them. He believes in investing in good quality fresh juices instead of expensive packaged ones. 

Furthermore, Dhoni also loves to eat milk products as snacks. According to Dhoni, milk and milk products help him to recover from injuries and to get enough calcium. As we all know, milk and milk products are rich in vitamin D and other healthy nutrients, that is why the former Indian captain has stated that he needs minimum 4 litres milk in a day. 

Final lines!

See, there is nothing special in the workout routine of the legendary cricketer MS Dhoni. He used to have simple and clean foods, but healthy as well. He didn’t believe in making six-pack abs, but he didn’t want excess fat on his body. 

It is effortless to follow his diet and workout routine for all of you. We don’t want to say you can become another Dhoni, but if one will follow his diet and workout routines, then they can earn a fit and energetic physique like him.