Oily Skin Care Treatment

Oily Skin Care Treatment

If your skin shines in some areas while it was normal to others, you certainly have combination skin. But if the skin is quite brilliant and that the problem is worse in summer, it may be present at other times of the year, according to certain periods: change in temperature, digestion, hormonal cycles of women, period Stress, pollution.

Here are some tips on how it is possible to treat a problem of oily skin naturally.

Completion Stages of Oily Skin Care Treatment:

  1. The skin may undergo changes in areas throughout a day. If there are external factors difficult to avoid – stress, pollution, moving from one room to an outdoor hot to 4, etc. – there are some internal remedies that can be applied to reduce skin care problems.
  2. Begin by examining your diet. It is true that in winter, we tend to eat more fatty or sugary products and perhaps to appreciate 2 or 3 cups of coffee or hot chocolate to warm up. But always try to keep the good habit of eating everyday fruits and vegetables. Your skin will appreciate it.
  3. During the long winter months, especially watchful for excess: refined sugars and sweets of all kinds, baked goods, fried foods, meats, alcohol, white flour. Of course, difficult to make vegetable soup at the time of Eve, while everyone enjoys a duck sauce with fried potatoes. Do not deprive yourself during these periods, but then resume your good habits.
  4. As a naturopathic treatment, we advise a natural herbal concoction for a small internal cleansing (liver, digestive system): artichoke fumitory, wild pansy, elm. Eat this mixture at a rate of one cup morning and evening for 3 weeks.
  5. If you do not have enough time to buy your plants and do your preparation, there are food stores and pharmacy nutritional supplements equivalent form of caplets or blisters. For the liver, we strongly recommend milk thistle, artichoke, black radish, among others. For the digestive system, one can cure a small Aloe Vera drink.
  6. To treat your oily skin, external use, you can make a mask once a week based on clay, juice of carrots, and cucumbers. Oily skin often needs to be hydrated, unlike what we think and there is often oily skin that is dehydrated, especially as it tries to dry up and matting that some products may dehydrate the skin.
  7. So choose which are mainly creams and moisturizing matting. Otherwise, apply every night, a dab of aloe vera gel: there is nothing better in terms of hydration in terms of natural oily skin care treatment.

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