Know the reasons behind the attractive physique of Ranbir Kapoor!

attractive physique of Ranbir Kapoor!

Ranbir Kapoor “The Crush of every Girl” has an incredible physique. Everyone dies to have the same physical appearance, as Ranbir Kapoor has. They dream of being like him so that everyone will work for them as well. Having the physical appearance and fitness like Ranbir Kapoor is not that easy. One has to maintain them a lot. They have to control them a lot. It is essential to focus on their work out sessions and diet properly; because no work and no diet control will not allow you to sustain a better fitness.

Diet Maintenance

Diet Maintenance is essential for Ranbir Kapoor. He never compromises with his meals. Having proper meals is an essential thing in his schedule. Meals are essential. Many people think that skipping meals is a great way to maintain the physic, but no, that is not the truth. Even Ranbir Kapoor is having so cool and admiring physique appearance also take proper meals in a day. Well if we talk about his meals in a day; here it is:

Ranbir Kapoor believes in having a decent meal of breakfast. Ranbir follows the Mantra to have Tea. In his breakfast; he used to have a banana and an egg while along with brown bread. He used to have cornflakes, fresh juice, and milk also. In lunch, he used to have tandoori chicken, dal, with two chapattis (wheat, jawar, and Bajra). He must have a bowl of curd also. All the dishes he used to have been made with only one tablespoon of olive oil. In refreshments, he used to have fresh juices and green tea. In his dinner; he used to have grilled fish, salmon, and chicken though. In his diet regime, he has multi-vitamins two times a day. He takes protein shake; one time before a workout and later on after dinner.

He never misses workouts

The workout is essential to maintain the physique appearance. If you take everyday meals in a day, still you can gain fats if you do not perform any exercise. The superstars Ranbir Kapoor also focus on his workouts the most. Ranbir needs to do the workout. In case he cannot work out; so he plays football the most so that his workout session will not get affected at all. Ranbir is too dedicated for his workout session. At first, he does 5-10 minutes warm-up; which includes pull-ups, and crunches. Later he works on his biceps, triceps, back, chest and his shoulders. On his abs and legs, he pays much attention. Due to his hectic working schedules; sometimes, he has to miss out his working sessions also. But whenever he is in his hometown, he goes to the gym five times a week. He is not a gym freak, but he never let his health and fitness down. He never goes for something, which is going to affect his fitness and health.

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More water is the key to fitness

Keeping the body hydrated is a great way to keep the body fit and fine. Water helps to remove the toxins from the body and keeps the body healthy and fine. Having water all day is not that much tough. Just make sure, wherever you go; have enough water. Ranbir Kapoor pays a lot of attention to the consumption of water. Ranbir always drink lots of water; so that his body will stay clean and toxins free. He stays his body detoxed. He keeps drinking detox water throughout the day. Ranbir always keeps his body hydrated. Whenever he goes out, he always keeps a bottle of water with him. Around 5 litres water, he drinks in a day.

Play sports game

Sports can also compete in the workout sessions. Sometimes it is hard to access the gym due to the hectic working schedule, so what he does, in that case, is that; he plays football and perform martial arts also. Ranbir is very fond of playing sports games, and he used to practice martial arts also. Just because he cannot hit the gym all the time because of his busy working schedule, he plays sports then. He is a great football fan and often plays football also. He mixes his workout with his working-out sessions so that his body stays fit and healthy always.

Rest to the body

Workouts are essential for the physical body; but at the very same time, resting is also necessary for the body. If the body will not take rest; how does it revive and refresh itself. Give some time to the body again to rest; so that it will feel good and great one too. No doubt, Ranbir understands the value of diet maintenance and workouts. But he believes in giving rest to his body also. He often gives rest to his body to recover and regain its power again. He gives enough time to heal his body. He keeps the balancing between his workouts and resting time of the body.

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Closing Remarks

Maintaining the proper physique of the body is not that easy, but at the same time, it is not too tough also. You must put some efforts and dedication to attain a better and perfect physique of the body. If we talk about Ranbir Kapoor’s fitness; one has to be very dedicated and also focused on their purpose of doing the same. If you are a great Ranbir Kapoor’s fan; then follow this daily regime of Ranbir’s fitness life, and get into the same physical appearance as he has.

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