Revealing secrets behind the fit body and super hot looks of Anushka Sharma!

Revealing secrets of Anushka Sharma fitness

Either we talk about her modelling career or as an actress, she is superb at her both face of life. After working as a model, the gorgeous beauty got her first break as an actress with “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” opposite Shahrukh khan. Since then, she never stops, and now she is one of the finest actresses of Bollywood. 

The name and fame she has earned are obvious because of her strong commitment to her looks, fitness, and job. This Diva’s physique and fitness must be known to everyone, and she is one of those actresses who loves donning in Bikini. Why doesn’t she? The stunning Diva has worked hard to achieve her fab body. 

Here we are Revealing secrets of Anushka Sharma fitness.

So the girl’s if you also want to gain hot looks like Anushka, then you are at the right place. As here, we will reveal the secrets behind the fittest physique and gorgeous body shape of Anushka Sharma. Let’s have a look!


Unlike Bollywood’s hottest actresses, Anushka also relies a lot on yoga for her flexible and fit body. In an interview, she has stated that yoga helps her increase her body flexibility and avoid the gym. It doesn’t mean that she avoids gymming. But still, yoga is the mantra of her fab physique. Yoga helps her to stay energetic, and it rejuvenates her mind throughout the day. 

No doubt, doing yoga regularly helps a human body to stay fit and flexible. Apart from this, yoga also reduces the chances of some common diseases, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and many more. The best thing is that yoga helps reduce excess body fat as well. 

Gym Workouts

As we said in the previous section that the beautiful Diva relies on yoga for her fit body, but because of her work demand, she needs gymming four days a week. Sometimes, for a particular project, actresses need to gain or lose their body weight, and for this, they need to rely on the gym workouts. Her gym workout routine involves weight and strength training, which is essential for an actress. When she is on her shoot and isn’t able to hit the gym, she prefers to walk or jog to stay energetic and fit.  But it rarely happens, as she is very disciplined with her gym workout routine


No doubt, the whole world’s dancers hold a very fit body, as Anushka is not a special exception in this term. The hottest actress of Bollywood dances for thirty minutes every day to strengthen her muscles and stay fit. Increasing dancing skills is also a demand for her job, and at the same time, it helps her enhance energy and positivity. 


It’s a universal truth that our meals perform a key role in our health and physique conditions. Anushka follows a strict diet routine, which is why she is ruling the Bollywood industry in the current time. Let’s have a look at her daily diet routine. 


In her breakfast, she used to eat two whites of egg and a glass of fresh juice. The funny thing is that she gives her husband the same thing (Virat Kohli)  to eat in the mornings. 

Midday Snack

Whenever she feels hungry, she used to have cheese toast with lime or coconut water instead of any heavy junk snacks. 


You must be shocked after knowing that the biggest Bollywood actress brings her lunch from her home.  As she loves home-cooked food and many of her co-stars have revealed that his lunch box consumes homemade veggies, dal, chapatis, and salad. 

Evening Snack

One of the gorgeous beauties on the earth, Anushka prefers to munch on protein shakes or seasonal fruits as evening snacks. 


She used to have light food like salad or soups as her dinner. Sometimes she gulps down only a glass of milk before going to sleep. 

Strictly Say No to junk food

As we said earlier that Anushka strictly follows her diet and workout routine. She can’t afford to eat junk. She loves to taste golgappas, but she used to increase her gym time the next morning after having it. 

Final lines!

The most talented and sexiest Bollywood diva knows her body well, and instead of following everyday health routines, she follows her prepared gym and diet routines. But as you have read in the above sections, her diet and workout routine are as perfect as possible. Anushka’s unique health tips and diet routine are perfect for all the women who desire to achieve a lean, fit, toned, and sexy body.