Special Diets That Make you Ten Years Younger

6 Special Diets That Make You Body Healthy

Here You Will Find 6 Special Diets That Make You Ten Years Younger

1. An apple or a tomato

Among fruits and vegetables, tomato one of those containing the highest content of vitamin A. apple also contains very high content of vitamin C, so every day eating at least one such fruit can meet the daily requirement of vitamin C.

2. A cup of vinegar

After washing your hands every time, add a layer of vinegar on hands and cover with a cloth. Remain for 20 minutes and then wash, you can make the skin of hands soft, white and delicate. If you live in areas where the water is hard, you can stick to add a little vinegar in water when washing your face every day, so that it can play the role of beauty.

3. A glass of yogurt a day

Yogurt mask is to use lactic acid to play the effect of peeling mask. If you use every day, it will make the skin soft and delicate. The practice is also very simple and only a little thing.

Other cosmetic effects of yogurt:

Wash hair with shampoo and rinse. And then use yogurt as conditioner, but be sure to use warm water to rinse.

Calcium milk is better than any kind of food in calcium supplement especially yogurt, which is more easily absorbed by the body. So women should ensure to drink a cup of yogurt a day.

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4. A glass of soya milk

Once women reach middle age, estrogen began to subside, which would accelerate the body’s calcium loss, thus causing the quick recession of the body’s various functions. Drinking a glass of soya milk every day can increase the body’s estrogen to replenish.

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5. Two glasses of boiled water in the morning and in the evening

In the morning, drinking a glass of water can clean the intestinal tract; in the evening, drinking a glass of water can ensure the blood overnight is not too sticky because of water shortage. Therefore, the role of drinking water every night cannot be underestimated.

6. A cup of tea

If there is no problem in your stomach, green tea and oolong tea are the best. Tea is the most natural , healthy , easy to use and most effective weight loss agent. Now, of course, there have been a variety of dried flowers processed as flower tea for people’ health care: some help beauty and some promote sleep.