Stone Age Diet Recipes That Will Give You A Chance To Live A Healthy And Happy Life

Stone Age Diet Recipes

One very important thing you need to know about Stone Age diet recipes is that they are not written as laws and therefore can be altered as long as you stay within limits. There are several great diet combinations you can opt for to be able to achieve the aim of staying within limits of this diet. It is also important to note that if you are hoping to get the most out of this diet, you should try as much as possible to maintain a strict code of diet. This means that at whatever time of the day you are eating something, it has got to be acceptable within the limits of the diet. This is crucial because if you consume something that is not in the diet, it could easily ruin the entire diet plan and you will need to start right back at the beginning.

It is crucial to know the principles of the Stone Age diet recipes because these principles will guide you in selecting the appropriate diet combinations for you to enjoy all day long. It is important to note that carbohydrates are the leading cause of fatigue amongst people. Also, you need to know that there are chemicals in the diet that are focused on creating a metabolism process that has been slowed down. Certain food additives and drugs do this quite a lot and so you need to stay away from them as much as possible. Having a poor process of digestion usually leads to poor absorption of the important micronutrients.

To be able to have the perfect Stone Age diet recipes, you should bear in mind that there are many items that are allowed. Make a general list of these items and then you can begin to make combinations based on what you feel you can eat at a particular time. The items you can pick from include meats which can include turkey, chicken, duck, beef, game, lamb and pork among others. You can also pick from liver, salami as well as kidney and offal. The key factor to note here is that meat that is fatty is very good for you and it has a very appealing taste. The diet also recommends eggs which give lecithin. Fish is also recommended and here you can pick from cod, salmon, haddock or mackerel. You can also decide to opt for tinned fish or tinned shrimps. Mussels, prawns and cockles are quite okay too.

Vegetables are important in this diet just as salads are. To be able to have the right salad, you can pick from celery, bamboo shoots, tomato, mushrooms, avocado, lettuce, peppers, cucumber or onions among others. The Stone Age diet recipes also recommend French dressing which can be made from items like lemon juice, mustard, garlic or olive oil. You can also have additions of seed oils like sesame, hemp or sunflower among others. Spices are a big part of the diet too and here you can opt for ginger, cloves, pepper, cumin or coriander. Other additions to the Stone Age diet recipes include herbs and salt.

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