Three Common Methods For Hair Extension

One area of focus for science and technology has always been to enhance the looks and beauty of humans and to no doubt this area has received great hype and acceptance over the last few decades. Most people stop by the beauty shops to look at items they can put on, which can magnify their beauty and make them the center of attraction. Natural hair extensions in this respect has been an exceptional success for the businessmen investing in this industry, as it has been able to fulfill the everlasting desire of people to resemble celebrities and adopt their style of clothes and hairstyles. Some years back, the option of hair extension was so expensive and time consuming that only the high class people could afford it. Furthermore, the methods used for bonding were limited and they were not applicable to all types of hairs. These limitations have also been eradicated to a great extent, as now affording a new style is in the reach of almost all. This article will shed light on some of the most common and applicable methods for applying the natural hair extension to your hair.

Strand-by-Strand Hair Extension

Warm bonding glue is used in this method where thin strands of hair extensions are bonded to your skull. As the name tells, hair extensions are applied in less volume and some spacing to give a new texture and look to your natural hairs. This is one of the most preferable and safe method for adopting a new style for your hairs, as you won”t feel any additional burden on your hair due to the sue of small bundles bonded to the skull and not clipped with the tip of the hair. The only drawback with this method of hair extension is that it is complicated and you need a hair stylist to carry this procedure. Several other hair extensions procedures can be done by yourself in your home, buy unfortunately this is not likely to be the case with the strand-by-strand method.

Sew-In Hair Weaves

Sew-in hair weaves is a very famous method used for temporary styling of hairs. The method is more preferable for strong hairs that can bear the burden of a number of clips that will be sewed-in to the natural hairs in different positions, to add volume and give a new look to your original hairs. This is a simple and inexpensive method and can be done b anyone with little understanding of hair styles and hair clips positions.

Weft Hair Extension

The previous two types of natural hair extension methods were mainly used for hair styling and for hair style trials before cutting hairs with a permanent style. Unlike these, weft hair extension method is used to add both volume and color to your natural hairs. In this method, thick bundles of natural hairs are attached to your hair either by clipping or by bonding through glue. Clipping is often not preferred, but it is still carried out to the ease and low cost of it.

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