Virat Kohli’s fitness secrets revealed!

Virat kholi fitness Revealed

The journey started from a chubby guy in 2008, and now the current Indian cricket team captain is one of the fittest athletes of nowadays. In terms of fitness, Virat Kohli is compared to the football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and the tennis great Rafael Nadal. The whole world wants to know how he managed to get a fit body like these two legends athletes. i will tell you in this article that what are the Virat Kohli’s fitness secrets.

We have seen Virat runs like cheetah between the wickets. He has the efficiency to leave his teammates behind by miles with his running skills. It’s tough for his fellow mates to match his running capabilities. 

The Indian captain is known for his attacking and superb batting skills. He is one of the finest batsmen in the world. It is such a difficult task to be at this stage for such a long period. But we have seen Virat is increasing his capabilities more and more, day by day. His diet plans and disciplined workout routine is the reason behind today’s Virat Kohli. 

It seems many times when his fans have the curiosity to know the specific exercise or foods to get the fittest body like their favourite player. Today we are here to reveal his fitness secrets. Read this entire blog to get all the secrets of your famous cricketer. 

Virat Kohli’s workout & fitness routine

No doubt, Virat is a gym guy and follows a strict workout routine on five days a week. Virat loves to practice such exercises which helps him to gain lean and strong muscles, body strength and stamina. A powerful combination of weight and cardio exercises are some of his favourites which he usually includes in his workout routine. The most important thing is that Virat never smokes or drinks. He didn’t want to make any compromise with his fitness and stamina.

Workout rules of Virat Kohli

  • Do not skip the gym or exercise. No matter in which country he is. 
  • Never even try to have junk foods. 
  • Always try to have organic and healthier food. He prefers nuts or healthy sandwiches instead of a burger. 
  • Light foods at dinner time. He used to eat soups, salad, or lightly sauteed veggies as his dinner. 
  • He always tries to explore healthy dishes, but he knows his eating limits. 
  • He is focused on building stamina and strength instead of losing excess weight. As the weight automatically reduces when someone focuses on his stamina. 
  • Do not have anything which reduces the body immunity. 

Set a fitness goal

According to Virat Kohli, if anyone wants a fit and healthy physique, then, first of all, they have to set a fitness goal. In an interview, Virat says, when I was debuting in international cricket, I was a chubby guy. That time I used to see dhoni and Yuvraj, as they were older than me but in fitness terms these guys were superb. 

Then I have decided to be like them. I have set my fitness goal date that I have to get a fit body like my seniors within this particular period. I have started doing lots of things like exercise, playing some sports which help me to enhance my stamina, and most importantly, I quit junk foods. Now the result is in front of the world. 

Therefore if someone wants to get the fittest physique, then setting a fitness goal is the most crucial thing as Virat Kohli has done the same and set an example for others. 

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Virat Kohli’s diet routine

Virat describes himself as a foodie guy, and he loves the Indian home-cooked food. No one will believe that he prefers to have fatty foods fried chips with healthy alternatives like wheat crackers which have fewer calories. But as we said earlier, he knows his eating limits and where to stop eating. Nuts with a cup of black coffee are his all-time favourite meal. 

Apart from this, Virat prefers some protein-rich foods like soups or vegetable salad. Maybe you have also heard the rumour that Virat imports his drinking water from France. It’s true actually, as he wants to stay away from water-borne disease and other health issues. That’s why he prefers to drink Evian water imported from France. Now let’s have a look at his different meals. 


In his breakfast, he used to add omelette, three egg whites or sometimes one full egg, spinach and cheese. Sometimes grilled bacon or smoked salmon are also included in his breakfast. When he used to practice in the grounds early morning, he loved to have nut butter, gluten-free bread or cheese. Apart from this, a cup of lemon tea has always been a part of his breakfast. 


Red meat is his favourite addition in his lunch. Apart from this, usually, he prefers grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, or spinach. Virat was a seafood lover at his younger age. But now he knows the seafood is not good for his sport and career. That’s why now he restricts himself to have seafood. Furthermore, foods like wheat, boiled chicken, milk are some of his favourites. 


At the time of dinner, he loves to eat Indian food like chapatis, butter chicken, vegetable salad, and sometimes he also adds a cup of curd on his dining table. If he is not in India, then he prefers grilled chicken and veggies as his night meal. 

Final lines

As we said in the starting of this blog, that Virat is compared to the legendary athletes of the world. The journey from a chubby guy to the fittest man on the earth isn’t an easy task. For this, one needs to make a strong commitment to their fitness goals. No matter what the occasion is, do not smoke, drink or have unhealthy foods.  Do not skip your workout routine, as well. Virat Kohli is truly an inspiration for all the youngsters of the cricket world and normal people as well. If you also want to be a fit body like Virat, then you need to follow Virat Kohli workout and diet routine.