What Are The Symptoms Of Colorectal Cancer And Their Types Of Surgery?

The most unfortunate and moderately common disease is colorectal cancer. It is considered as the second most dangerous deadly disease in the world. The intensity of the danger associated with this disease has reduced significantly over the past 15 years. The reason behind this improvement was the onward march of technology for making surgical procedures and treatments safer, painless and convenient.

It is not necessary that the symptoms would be visible at the initial stages of colon cancer. In most of the cases, the disease becomes hard to detect until it reaches an advanced stage. However, it always better to know about the symptoms. If any of the symptoms are noticeable for more than a week, it is always recommended to contact the physician as soon as possible for a thorough diagnosis.

Change in Bowel Habits

Having a tumor inside the colon makes one feel uncomfortable because you will notice a change in bowel habits. As the tumor size grows it will lead to constipation. If you notice such symptoms it is advised to see a physician for screening immediately.

Thinned Stool

Due to the presence of the tumor the colon tube passage gets obstructed and as the tumor size grows, space gets reduced. If the tumor is located at one side of the tube, it may lead to narrowing of the stool.

Unnatural Weight Loss

If you experience sudden weight loss without any efforts, it is really a serious issue to ponder over. Losing weight without any effort is certainly an indication of a serious disorder. However, in the case of colon cancer, inexplicable weight loss is counted as one of the major symptoms of the disease. Due to the presence of the tumor the bowels get blocked at someplace within the passage.

Presence of blood in the stool

There might be blood coming out along with the stool which is caused due to bleeding of the tumor. However, if the tumour location is at the right colon, chances are there for the blood to get dried up prior to the faeces get removed from the body. But if the position of the tumour is at the left colon the blood will remain fresh and hence will be noticeable in the stool.

Although chemotherapy and radiotherapies are sometimes prescribed by doctors, colon cancer surgery is commonly used for treating colon cancers. There are 4 types of colorectal cancer surgeries commonly used by the surgeons to ensure complete cure of the patients.

Following are some of the commonly performed colon cancer surgeries from the least invasive to the most extensive procedures:

  1. Colonoscopic excision
  2. Local excision
  3. Bowel resection
  4. Abdominoperineal excision

The type of surgery is determined on the basis of a few important factors such as the location and size of the cancerous tumour, and the health condition of the patient and so on. There are plenty of hospitals offering treatments for colorectal problems but Singapore is known for having the top class hospitals and renowned surgeons who have good track records for providing successful surgeries in the past.

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