Wrinkles Around The Eyes: Is There A Remedy?

Wrinkles around the eyes, known as crow’s feet, are among the first wrinkles to appear on the face. They are also an indicator that you should step up your skincare routine, such as signing up for an anti-ageing risk-free trial for wrinkle creams. There are ways to prevent crow’s feet to ensure that your skin looks smooth, blemish-free, well into your middle age, and beyond.

Avoid squinting and frowning

Easier said than done since the habit is so ingrained in many of us. Squinting or frowning results in wrinkles around the eyes at a relatively younger age. One of the reasons that you may need to squint is to keep out bright lights from your eyes. If you are stepping into strong sunlight or visiting a place where you expect strong artificial or natural light, it is a good idea to keep your sunglasses handy. Another thing to take note of is whether you’re squinting at your computer screen. If you cannot see the font clearly, you may set up an appointment with ophthalmologist who may prescribe correct glasses. Moreover, setting the font at the larger size while reading prevents the need to squint.

Get adequate sleep

Sleeping is one of the basic necessities of the human body. In a rapidly changing environment, it is not a surprise that many people are unable to get sufficient amount of sleep. Sleeping a minimum of six hours is requirement for good health. This includes skin health. Adequate rest gives time to the cells to regenerate, ensuring that you wake up in the morning looking fresh, rejuvenated, and with a glow to your skin. If your eyes are not well rested, they tend to have red, puffy appearance and the skin around the eyes would age faster.

Treat puffy eyes

Puffy eyes may not directly contribute to wrinkles, but they can add years to your face. One of the ways to treat puffy eyes is to apply thinly cut slices of cucumber to your eyes. This is a time-tested and easy-to-follow remedy for treating puffiness of eyes.

Reduce alcohol consumption

If you feel that your consumption of alcohol goes over a modest accompaniment to your meals or the occasional beer with friends, you need to cut down on the intake. Alcohol, due to its chemical composition, tends to extract moisture. That is why excess consumption of alcohol causes dry, unhealthy looking skin.

Another habit with potential for long-term skin damage is smoking. Smoke extracts moisture from the skin and exposure to smoke for longer periods is intensely damaging and harmful to the skin. Using Hydroxatone AM/ PM to hydrate skin is a good idea. You can use this cream through the anti aging risk-free trial to see for yourself how effectively the product works. The anti aging risk-free trial will also enable users to upgrade to regular shipping of the product if they like how Hydroxatone erases the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

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